About Us

There is something about connecting with people that we love. It’s one of the main reasons we do what we do at AccountWise. It’s also great getting to see people have ah-ha moments – that’s really what makes us proud to be in the service of helping make your required filings and business decisions easier.

For years, we’ve worked to help people build businesses, make better financial choices, and grow in success. And while we’ve been called problem solvers and even counselors, that’s not what we do. We help people find answers by learning to look at obstacles and situations in a different light. It’s about looking at the entire board and not just one part. Life has endless possibilities and we’re all about exploring possibilities.


One of our founders, she has over ten years of experience with income tax, property tax, employment tax and bookkeeping. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and a Masters of Science in Taxation from the University of North Texas.


One of our founders, she holds her Enrolled Agents certificate from the IRS and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting & Information Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has a decade of experience in individual and business income taxes and two decades of general bookkeeping.